Hey all. We've made some changes over the past few days to the forum and I just wanted to point them out.

- Birthday Mod -
At the bottom of our main page, you can see a list of upcoming birthdays and current birthdays. Each user's profile will also show their birthday. Please modify your profile (http://forums.biggerpockets.com/profile.php?mode=editprofile ) and add your birthday so we can send your happy thoughts on your big day!

- Classifieds Changes -
To post in the classifieds sections you are now required to have a minimum of 5 posts. We no longer will need to personally check each post, as our new modification will take care of this for us. This is to ensure that anyone who wants to advertise to our members has a vested interest in doing so.

- Upcoming Changes -
We've got some other cool things coming. I'm most excited about our upcoming referral modification. We'll be able to track user referrals to the site. Once this is active, we plan on holding periodic contests with prizes for promoting the forums and bringing in new members. Stay tuned!

Thanks for all of your support this year!

All my best,