How Can We Make the BiggerPockets Real Estate Marketplace Better?

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Originally posted by @Rob McAllister :

As a strong calculator user, I want to be able to jump into edit on any page, make one change, and then calculate, so that I can produce the results faster. Thanks!

Agreed! Getting to the calculators is a several click process and editing them is the same. If you want to change just 1 number you have to go through the entire form. 


I downloaded and use the BP app on my phone (Android 10/Google Pixel 3) and it is a very rough experience. It always crashes and the experience overall isn't aligned with the site, for several reasons. Because of this I don't engage with the forums as much during the day because it is too hard and frustrating to navigate. Your mobile experience isn't bad but a progressive web app might be more ideal than a native app and improve your overall web/mobile experience. 

@Lauren Hogan   Marketplace has been one of the most frustrating features on the site. The problem with Marketplace is the same as with the Surveymonkey survey, limited choices. Why would you limit questions on the survey to only one option for why you post on Marketplace, when in fact, someone might go on Marketplace for all the reasons listed?  

As a moderator and member on BP for many years, I have read countless posts on the disappointments with BP Marketplace, and have sent Joshua Dorkin, Scott Trench, Mindy Jensen and anyone else I thought could make changes suggestions. So I'll try once again with you, though it isn't as well thought out and organized as in past communications. 

Marketplace is a mess. It's basically like Craigslist, when it should be more like a well organized Classified Ad section. 

  1. Allow people to click on and post in specific states, broken down by regions, and have various categories to list under (MFR, Shared Housing, STR, SFR, Commercial Space, Industrial, Development Land, Unclassified, etc.) Maybe use a standard subject line, leading with City - State - Type property (Redding, CA - SFR, etc.) Maybe allow paid feature ads? Example of well organized search page
  • Allow people to choose more than one category ortype of property to list under ( For instance SFR can also be a STR, etc., SFR can be a Shared housing, etc. allow them to check every type of category pertinent, and people searching by any will find them)
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Do some type of matrix such as Scotsmanguide, where people can find licensed lenders (this would be a great feature to get paid ads for lenders) Allow pro members to post ads for funding deals, etc. The current listings aren't searchable and have little use. 
  • As to the suggestion to not allow properties that are listed on MLS, that makes no sense. Not every member is going to have access to every MLS listing.

Anyway, those are my ideas. 

Thanks everyone - @Karen Margrave always appreciate the input. Unfortunately, I simply haven't opted to invest the resources into making this marketplace the way it should be. 

Lauren Hogan here has some great plans on how to improve the marketplace, and I am working with our product and engineering team to make sure that we have design, engineering, data, and of course your guys' input in this. 2020 will be the year where make some major improvements to this part of the site. 

We simply haven't put the resources into this that are needed to make this work perfectly for investors. 

That said, we did do a first pass in Q1 last year, and I think Lauren and the team did a great job improving it over the simple forum that was in place prior! 

Here's to some big improvements this next year! And, thanks for the great input.

@Scott Trench it's not as though you don't have a zillion other pieces in play. I have no idea what it takes to make that portion of the site work, but can imagine it's very costly, and time consuming. You have definitely made improvements over the years. 

Candidly, seems like a relatively easy version 1.1 fix to me.  The Investments section in the personal profile seems even more dysfunctional and easier to fix....although since it's not longer highlighted perhaps a lesser priority.

When listing a property for sale it does not give you the option to not choose a rent amount. I think that's why you get a lot of $1 entries. I know I had to put that in my listing's not for rent, it's for sale...

Honestly I think if Marketplace were more efficient, had a cleaner more appealing look, etc. there would be people brought into the site specifically for searching Marketplace, and end up joining as members. Marketplace has been extremely underutilized. 

I have listings I've placed on Marketplace months ago. When trying to change status or archive, I always get an error message.

It would be great if there were a way to edit listings, have them automatically dropped after 60 days, and allow reposting. 

This post has been removed.

Please fix the image upload feature for new listings. I created one listing with pictures just fine. But now, if I try to add pictures to it or even create a new listing, I cannot upload new pictures. Yes, I tried different browsers and clearing my cache. If it matters, I have the "Plus" membership.

@Lauren Hogan

I laugh when a BP podcast host says “I have never heard of that book” and I own it because of a podcast on BP.

The commandant of the Us marine corp has had the most fantastic reading list for decades and its format has been copied by all the other services.

I would love a BP book list that lists the episode it was mentioned, what type of book and following the USMC format of listing by rank, a separate section list by newbie to pro.

The USMC list is reviewed yearly. The book suggestions change. Except “starship troopers” was a Private First Class recommended reading when I found the list in 1995. The “rich dad, poor dad” of the Marine Corp.

I am interested in more content/podcast for tenured investors from multi-family.  I have enjoyed and learned from the handful and read some forums.  Just my .02 cents.

Trying to use the Filters for the Marketplace Real Estate Listings and when I add a filter I get Zero matches. I've tried clearing my browser history, restarting my computer, loading an all together different browser, nothing helps. I just want to see the listings that are in a particualar state whithout having to scroll though all 5000 listings. This worked not long ago so not sure what code was edited but please dig into it as using the marketplace without filters is nearly impossible.


I think the search really needs to be improved. Also, when posting a property, I wish there was a better way for me to post a package deal. I would love to post package deals for units I have, but it is very tedious and somewhat misleading when going that route. 

@Lauren Hogan I am having a strange issue with your site. I just registered a few days ago and I was trying to do the intro education. Every time I click to type in my zip code, income and or, money saved up. It takes me back to the screen before.

@Lauren Hogan

The app is pretty terrible. Not trying to be offensive but it just is. I have to click 3 times per upvote, crashes, multiple apps instead of one, no night mode, not sure if I can bookmark things or see the market place. Also, you should be able to save properties in the market place.

@Trent Chance no offense taken! It's on our radar that the app should be working and performing similar to our site AND with no bugs! Thank you for the feedback, specifically about the Marketplace. My dream is that the Marketplace exists within the app so you get mobile pushes as properties that you are interested in are uploaded and can save them -- (stay tuned!)

Currently the Marketplace is broken, and has been for a couple weeks. I can zoom in on the map and see properties as long as I don't enter any search criteria. As soon as I try to filter the results (for example, Duplex - Occupied) it returns zero matches. 

No matter what I search for, it returns zero matches.

Keyword alerts that allow you to toggle people in the results. I have Billings (the place) tagged but there are also several members with that name. 

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