Has anyone heard of Outstanding Real Estate Solutions

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I've never heard of them but you may want to get a few references from companies and/or other companies they've worked with if you're looking to do business with them. Hope that helps! 

Outstanding Real Estate Solutions is a fraud.

I am currently an investor with them in which I am currently holding 8 notes that I invested in November 2020. My first payment was supposed to be March 30, 2021 and paid quarterly. I received the Promissory note November 4th, 2020. I did not get paid on March 30. I was told that following:

1)There was a COVID-19 Outbreak in the office so everyone was not working.

2)There was a Power out in Texas so they could not process the payment (there was a power outage Feb 1-20 which should not have affected payment on March 30.

3)The Bank that they are currently using cannot handle all the payments, so they are in the process of changing banks

4)The Bank that they are changing to could not handle all the payments in a timely matter, so they are requesting release of the funds.

5)Their old bank processed a lump sum versus individual accounts so Outstanding Real Estate Solution does not know who got paid or not.

6)They sent a check (Payment was supposed to be deposit in my checking account) through FedEx however they got the last Digit of my address wrong and will be resenting.

7)The check arrived however insufficient funds.

8)Sorry there was a death in the family so they could not process.

9)Office workers Michelle and Megan was out sick.


I received an email saying the following:  Chimene and I am happy to report that we will be able to begin processing payment processing payment again on Monday August 23rd but they will begin processing on that date.  Our priority is to get all payments owed through July 31st sent out, once that is complete, we will begin sending the August payments. From Office worker Meagan.

@Michael Shima ... Obviously this is not good news! ... Hope things eventually work out for you. If I may ask ... what was your due diligence on the firm AND ITS PRINCIPALS PRIOR to investing with them? If what you say is accurate, there are surely prior instances wherein the firm was not showing proper stewardship of its client/investor's capital.

I am going through same thing with Chimene Van Gundy. Can anyone recommend a reasonable layer in that area to push for collecting funds?


Updated 3 months ago

I am happy to say that Outstanding Real Estate Solutions has promised to take action paying this weak. My communication has gotten better with them & I hope to report soon that business will be back to normal soon. Thank you Chimene.


"Due to our processes with our banking, the batches will all be completed by 9/2/2021 which is next Thursday. This would be the worst case scenario." 

I have not receive my payment. 

I also got a text saying that Chimene and her husband has Covid 19.

Be aware of Outstanding Real Estate Solution fraud. I hold many Chimene’s mobile home notes, she stopped paying since January 2021. What worse is, I lent her $100k in January 2021 for 3months, but now 10 months later, I still have not received the payback. 
1) Chimene said I will get paid in April, but didn’t 
1) I received a check for loan payback in May, but returned for insufficient fund. Chimene said it was because she closed one bank account and opened another one.

2) Later, Chimene told me her bank wouldn’t let her wire money to me because of daily/monthly limit 

3) her funds were frozen by bank, I had to wait

4) she said I would get paid by September, but did not

4) her paymaster attorney will pay me, but did not

I also am having trouble getting my payments from outstanding real estate solutions.  I invested in 3 notes in 2017 and everything was great until January 2021.   The company has one excuse after another for why I haven't received my payments.  The owner, Chimene, will not even respond directly to me. She always goes through Megan. I threatened legal action a few months ago and they professed that the payments were coming which has not happened. So far I've received no payments in 2021.   If any of the above posters or anyone else affected want to go into a legal action with me, please send me a direct message. 

Also if anyone knows of an attorney in Texas,  I would appreciate the information. Please direct message me or respond here.  Thanks 😊

I have not been paid also. The same excuses and I’m seeing some new ones as well. It all started with covid. They are back 2 payments and many late fees with me. I just get the runaround now. I looking to seek legal advise. 

Hi Ronald - I understand she is using many different contracts.  I invested in 3 Manuf Home Retail Installment Sales Contracts   I am the lien holder.  All my contracts are in Caldwell county. I live in Arizona.   I need someone to look over the contracts and give me a plan of action.  Would you be that person??  Thanks!

Hello I am currently an investor with outstanding realestate solutions. They owe me 4 payments for two of the notes I have with them and know of other investors that are in the same boat this year and they too have  been getting the run arround. We would consider teaming up a filing suit to regain investments. 

Hi Israel - I am in the process of securing an attorney.  I never thought it would be this hard!  I thought a Real Estate Contract Attorney woukd be the specialization, but the State Bar of Texas told me I need a Civil Attorney.  On Friday, I put a call into the Attorney's office they gave.  I hope to talk with him today.  I know that she owes a lot of people a lot of money!  I tried to send you a message but we need to be connected first.  My phone number is 520-248-0550.  Please give me a call.  Thanks

Update. I had a personal call with Chimene Van Gundy and I asked for my principal back she state that it will take 2 months for my "Return of investment" check to be processed. My conversation was in September 2021. I waiting to receive the ROI so that I could give a status update. I have not receive anything as of yet. Please message me so that I can send information you.

Hello everyone, I'm in a similar boat, maybe we should set up a call on zoom to discuss how we can approach this situation. We haven't been paid in all of 2021 for two notes that we have. for another note that we have they paid for 4 months in 2021. Aside from that they had been really consistent in making the payments. I don't appreciate the runaround and the lack of transparency, and they have not responded to me in my inquiries. At the very least I would expect some clear communication. Let me know what folks think about getting together to discuss and maybe have a collective action of some type.

@Irene Saadeh I’d be interested to see how you guys make out with legal action. I’ve held notes with her since 2015 with no missed payments. Once 2021 hit everything stopped. I have 7 notes and haven’t gotten any payments since January. Same excuses as everyone else. I’d like to think there’s som truth to them but I am losing hope.