Digital water meters

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What companies do you all recommend for digital water sub-meters?

Your input would be much appreciated!

Thank you!

Metron Farnier has a "Spec 30d" meter. Thats what we install in mobile home parks and apartments.
Its well built, fixed based radios that send you a water reading 2x a day, and it has leak detection. 

You just need internet! Comes with a 20 year warranty too.

I cannot recommend any water company. But I can tell you which one not to use. Do NOT use South West Water, that's who I have and they are ripping me off under the banner of tariff charges. Their main office is in Calif.

I'll add a 3rd vote for Metron-Farnier. We just installed them throughout our park and we have been thoroughly impressed. The readings are delivered to an online portal, and they send me a report each month with the bills for each unit based on our city's water rates. Most importantly, they pay for themselves very quickly. I highly recommend you give them a shot! 

Place in Seattle I bought from 9 years ago Submeter Solutions.  Mine had twisted pair running to an outside box with a meter running in parallel.  You probably need to put them on the HW Heater feed line unless you can get access to the main feed.  About <$200/flowmeter and you could install yourself if you can cut pipe and do the connections.

However, they are now WiFi, so you need Internet access for them.  Think they want like $1K for the hub/router box.

On collections, unless it's a large property, I'd do it myself.  If you need a billing company make sure they do collections, otherwise you're paying $5/month/unit to generate a letter, which you can do.