Possible MHP Backflow Issue?

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I am selling a 46 space MHP that was built in the early 60's. The park is on city water/city sewer and the water pressure is low, but in the range of normal. The buyer had the water tested twice. They are saying that when the water is in back flow it is below the requirements, which could be a potential health risk. The estimated cost associated with this is $100-$150k (from the buyer and seems high). The owners have never had a complaint about low pressure and have never experienced a problem with back flow. 

Has anyone had any experience with backflow issue in MHP? What was done to prevent it or fix the issue? How much did it cost?

What pressure are they saying is through out the park? Did they do a pressure survey with a pressure logger over 24 to 48hr period at multiple sites? If not I wouldn't take it very seriously. Backflow is cause by one of two causes. Back pressure (pressure is higher on customer side and potentially contaminated water is pushed back into the system, causes are pumps or evaluated buildings or topography) and back siphonage ( pressure is lowered in mainline below that in houses causing a reversal of flow which creates a siphon).  It sounds like they are claiming low pressure is the potential problem. You need to have another professional review their findings to determine if there is a real concern or they are just trying to squeeze you on price.

in my area there are back flow check valves on each home so the water won't go back into the system, if the water pressure is low it would be up to the city to correct the problem, back flow and water pressure are 2 completely separate issues