What to do with 4 acres near Ft. Bragg, NC

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Hello all, so I have 4 acres in NC, it is near Ft Bragg. Its on a dirt road (its a horsehoe road) and my 4 acres are right at the top of this horseshoe. I bought this back in 2007 (sight unseen well my family went to see it). Long story short I am doing absolutely nothing with it. Mobile homes are on this road...and the dirt road is kinda impassable at this point to get to my 4 acres. The county only maintains like the first 100 yards onto this road. Anyhow so I have tried to sell briefly several yrs ago and it didn't pan out. So what can I possibly do with it to make money? The 4 acres are not cleared and the road would have to be paved or something to get to it. I'm trynna make lemonade out of a lemon here. I mean 4 acres can have a lot of property on it, like several duplexes or idk. I just hate to not do anything with it. Maybe  I can barter an acre and get someone to clear it and do something with the road to make it maybefor spots for mobile homes,,I want some passive income. Anyone here a paver or land clearer? The lots have tripled in value (well tax value) in the past 10 years. Any advice or ideas are welcome.

Juanita Bell

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    You could easily contact a tree company and have them cut and stump the tree's enough to take the (4) acres and turn them into (4) separate parcels with each one having (1) acres per lot/parcel.  After that you could put (4) separate modular homes on each (1) acre lot.  You could sell, rent or lease to own all of them within a a couple of years or right away.  If you own your own primary residence you could take out some cash/cash out refinance and pay for the tree removal and the modular homes.  You can buy a modular/manufactured home for a reasonable amount of money they are not that expensive!

    I am sure there are a lot of Military Veterans by Fort Bragg that would like a nice little excluded spot that's not overly expensive.

    Hi Jason, They are in fact 4 separate parcels next to each other. I will be reaching out to some companies tomorrow and reaching out to some folks who may clear it for some land..Im trynna be as creative as possible without coming out of pocket for now. Appreciate the post.

    I would use your w2 funds and work on getting land cleared and getting road passable then get some electric septic and wells on property if not already there then put some mobiles on it 
    good luck 
    @Juanita Bell