Renting a mobile home

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My wife and I own a 3 bedroom, 2 bath mobile home in a family park.  I have approached 2 management companies about renting this property out; 1 did not answer at all and the 2nd one did not answer after I described the property.  Do management companies have something against mobile/modular homes?

Why use a management company and share your profits? Put an ad on Craigslist, it is free, and you will have it rented out in a day! Especially a 3 bedroom, you will get 50 calls.

@Tony Boyer  Most good property management companies only work certain areas and neighborhoods. You may want to talk to other parks and mobile home dealerships in the area who may know those who specialize in this niche. Best of luck! 

Thanks Rachel, I will look into it!

Craigslist and Postlets work all day.. I haven't spent a penny on marketing and got people calling me off the hook. Make sure you post pictures and renew the craigslist ad every 3 days. Be very detailed in the add..

I had thought of renting it myself, but I will be out of state and won't be able to just come back anytime to make sure rent is paid and any problems are handled.  Thanks for your answer, I appreciate all the advice I can get from everyone here.

Thanks to all who answered.  I have some very good ideas now because of you.

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