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After a "writ of possession" is preformed and the tenant/mobile home owner is escorted off the property, what happens to the mobile home? I've read the Landlord/Tenant Laws of Texas and it says that the park owner can remove the mobile home from the park. But does the park owner have to? That can be expensive if the park owner evicts a couple people every year.

Are there any park owners out there that can shed some light on this topic for me??

@ John Fedro

Hi Cliff,

Thanks for reaching out and good question. 

Your thoughts are correct about the park manager and/or park owner can remove the home from the park. However in most cases where the home is in decent condition and/or not completely terrible the home will remain and the park will now sell this mobile home (once the park has ownership of course) for a profit and added lot rent revenue. 

Sometimes, actually many times if you are already working with the park owner/manager or the park manager knows, likes, and trusts you this can be a opportunity for a prudent investor to help add value and reduce this park manager's headaches with this home. The investor can be the one to obtain the home at a discounted price from the park, make some improvements and resell. Or perhaps if the park manager knows you ahead of time they can refer this seller to you prior to eviction. Make sense? 

Some parks will be happy to create a win-win relationship with you. Other parks that have handymen on staff and a waiting list of eager buyers may not need your help and therefor there may be little value for you to create. Additionally some park managers are honest and nice, and others are greedy and shady, you may choose who you want to work with.

I hope this has helps and I didn't stray too far from your original question. If anything else please feel free to reach out. 

John Fedro

@ John Fedro 

John,thanks for the quick reply.

I am very interested in owning a mobile home park and have been doing all the research I can. I currently own a small RV Park here in Corpus that is filled with long term residents and what I found is that owning/operating a mobile home park is basically the same concept.

The one thing I cannot find however with my research is what happens to the Mobile Home if I were to evict someone and they left there mobile home behind.

How does the park take ownership to it?

P.S.- Do I have to do the whole @ thing when I reply in order for you to see it? Or since you're on the thread will you already be notified that I responded?  Sorry I'm very new to the site.

-Cliff Z.

@Cliff Zarbock  Moving the home off your property is an option. Another route you may want to look into is filing for abandonment. Some jurisdictions allow this option for property owners if you own the land. It is a way for property owners to claim a property on their own land should it be considered abandoned. The procedure involves some paperwork and a certified letter to the last known address of the owner of the home in question. Usually, there is a waiting period. If there is no response after the waiting period, the property owner may claim a stake in the home. In many cases, the only item that will need to be taken care of are any taxes owed on the home before title can be transferred. It's best to check with the local housing office in your area. Hope this helps! 

Thanks for this @Rachel H. . I will look into that process.

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