Rehab Ideas - Flooring Selection

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Vinyl plank flooring is becoming a standard in other structures used as rentals, but what are others using in mobile homes? The conditions are a little different from SFH and the tenant base may be a little different as well.

The flooring I've seen at HD is $2-2.50 a square foot + installation.  Managing my rehab budget is critical, but we all want to be smart about it.  Do others spend this much in a trailer, or go down-market to something like peel and stick for less than a dollar a square?

Are there any other rehab components to be discussed?  Roofs might be a couple of threads on their own.

I get very good quality vinyl plank for $1 per foot when getting surplus on Craigslist.  I put it throughout the whole home, and have never had any trouble with it.

Here is one I did on a 1978 doublewide.

@Alan Majors Think it depends on what's accepted in the particular neighborhoods you work in. Believe it or not, you can be too fancy in this business. Once I knew of a mobile home that sat on the market for awhile. The upgrades were too much for the neighborhood and scared off potential residents. For me, I can still do plain carpet and vinyl and people are OK with that. Good luck! 

Ive done carpet, cheap laminate, better laminate, and lately vinyl plank. Wet rooms, I've done lino, ceramic, and VCT. *Never* did peel & stick. Too cheapo looking. Frankly, laminate is good, but tenant mopping swells it at the seams. I'm kinda all over the vinyl plank. Big picture, it's a lot of "wow" for a reasonable expense. Just make price/rent higher to cover it! People are willing to pay more for better quality, and I like the term "tenant-proof", and try to point every repair/remodel I do toward that goal. My 2¢

Might be a little late, but I put laminate flooring $.69/sf at Home Depot, throughout 4 mobiles that I recently remodeled.  I also put a vapor barrier $.54/sf underneath for softening and slight insulation.  It snaps into place, looks great (as long as the sub-floor is decent) inexpensive, easy to clean, and easy to replace if damaged.  2 of us re-floored an entire home in a 12 hour day.

I'll use it everywhere!