I'm looking into the possibility of moving older (still new enough to be HUD approved and moved) mobile homes to vacant land for rentals. Has anyone had success with this strategy in GA OTP North? I'm looking in Forsyth, Dawson, Cobb, Hall counties.

I have already checked on the regulations in Forsyth county.  They seem pretty standard. 1 acre, certain size, pitched roof etc.  I have seen some cheaper land, but these are more than likely not on city sewer I would imagine and need septic.

Is it possible to get all in with rehab, moving , hookups and permits for 50-60k? Looking in these areas it seems 3/2 MH rent for around $1000 a month or so. I have gotten quotes on moving cost (5-6k) and hookups (5k) but that I'm sure will vary depending on the plot.