Need a North Carolina bank to lend on a Mobile Home Park.

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Hello, everyone.

I am in the process (made the deal), of buying my second Mobile Home Park.  This one is a small park in North Carolina.  

Can anyone direct me to a North Carolina Bank that will do a conventional loan on Mobile Home Park?

Thank you!

@Sam Fackrell where is the MHP located in NC and how big would the loan be? 

I am unaware of conventional loans being offered on MHPs, only commercial loans. Most local banks will want a borrower that is local. Entegra Bank may be a good place to try, however.

@Ian Tudor any thoughts on this?

@Sam Fackrell I'd check with some local banks or credit unions in Eden too. 

@Ian Tudor will likely verify this, but I've been told it's usually an uphill battle for MHPs and an out of state investor unless the parks are of significant size.

@Sam Fackrell - yes, I’ve closed several deals with Entegra in NC. However they only play in the western part of the state. Out of state guarantors isn’t an issue with them. 

Another bank that we have spoke to and showed interest in MHP with a NC presence is Southern First. I’ve never done a deal with them though.