How to get out of this sticky sticky mess?

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Bought a mobile home on land from the neighbor a few years ago during the recession. Owners, a retired couple, moved back to their home country. Put down $18 k & they carried the rest. But when the title company got sellers docs from the foreign country my husband refused to close on the home on the grounds that we were in the middle of a divorce. No contest, he was getting the house. He was just being an idiot. We'd formed an LLC & had the taxes put into the LLC's name. The closing did not happen. The divorce did not happen. I washed my hands of the whole thing because he lowered the rent because the tenants were having triplets. He let them stop paying rent & they moved out at the same time as their friends were moving in. Left behind trash & holes in walls. New tenants not screened. 2 years later I get a bill for unpaid taxes addressed to me but in the name of the LLC. Hubby pays them even though no formal closing has taken place. The most he could have is a letter from the sellers in Hungary saying the house belongs to him, with no mention of the LLC. Now we are really getting a divorce. He had divorce papers drawn up. They make no mention of the house. I have copies of his rent receipt book. I absolutely cannot afford an attorney & can do better without one. Just trust me in that. You don't know the attorneys in this tiny little good old boy town. I'd like for him to sell the house. I've warned him several times that if this elderly couple pass away their adult heirs in this country will inherit the house but he never responds. I will consult an attorney outside of my county but your advice will help me ask better questions & get an idea of what is reasonable as to the disposition of this house. He refused to file taxes for the LLC & the accountant said that since the title wasn't transferred, the LLC had no assets so it just automatically disolved the year after it was formed.

@Antoinette Brady I'd definitely talk to an attorney about this issue. Since the home never closed, neither you or your husband legally own it. Though it seems, the county believes you do since they have been sending you the tax bill. If you want to legally own the home, you'll have to officially close on it with the original sellers. But it seems, you and your husband will have ownership together. If the divorce is happening, it may be wise to just walk away to avoid this property being tied up in court. If your husband wants to deal with the property and title issues, it may be best to leave it alone. Though I'd consult a divorce attorney regarding your options. Good luck!