Mobile Home investing Rockford,IL area

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Hi C,
I don't know too much about Rockford, but a quick peek at craigslist came up with this...

...and it looked like there were a few others out there. Couldn't hurt to drive a few parks and talk to some folks.

Good luck,

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I have a question about the Illinois Dealer's License requirements. Is there some way to get the license without having a dealer's lot? I want to buy and sell in various mobile home parks but don't see a need to have a lot.

Gene -

Illinois law requires dealers not only to have a lot, but it also must meet certain specifications about hours and size as well as physical condition. The State has specific gun carrying law enforcement personnel that routinely visit both lot and offices unannounced to examine operations.

Illinois does have an interesting opening for people who broker sales of chattel manufactured homes between owners and buyers that requires no license of any kind, provided it is done correctly. However, you may not sell a home that you own but do not reside in without a license.