Owners Responsibility? OR the is it the parks Responsibility?

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Double wide mobile home is caving in in one side...

Is it the owners responsibility or is the mobile home park owners responsibility?

Who has to fix it? Who gets left with the bill when the deal is over? How long would something like this even take to fix? And could the home warranty/insurance cover this expense?

Whoever owns the home is responsible. Who has title? Might be worth bringing up to insurance if it’s covered. 

@Rodger Curbelo Usually, that would be the homeowner's responsibility. Regarding the home warranty, most times their coverage is for the inside of the home only depending on what's in your contract. About insurance coverage, it would depend on what the cause was of the damage and if it's covered under your current policy. Hope that helps! 

@Rachel H. Awesome response! How about, if the damage is due to the soil? The problem is with the dirt thr mobile home was built upon...

@Jon Dorsey Thank you for the response!

The owner has title, but in this case it's the soil the home was built upon that caused the damage. Is the owner still responsible for the damage if the soil was bad to begin with?

The answer to that goes back to the installer. If anyone was responsible it would be the person who signed off on the setup. That said, a lot depends on how much time has passed since the set up and other factors like natural disasters, drainage etc. For instance, if the home was set right, but the owners changed something around the house that did not allow the water to drain, it is probably the fault of the owner of the home. While the installer needs to make sure all is done right at the time of the set, the homeowner must maintain the grounds after the set.

It will also be important to know when the home was set. The rules have changed over time, and in some cases you might not even be able to go back to see who did the original set. 

All that said- homes can be reset and repairs done inside to fix problems. It is not uncommon for homes to settle. If the home is fairly new, there could be a warranty. A word of caution- warranties, like insurance, have exact timelines for the process of filing a claim. If you do not do so in the stated timeline, you might only have a very small portion of your claim covered. Or maybe- none of it at all.  

@Jim Johnson Wow, that's an in depth answer! It helps clarify that grey area :) Unfortunately, I don't believe home warranty willncover it because the damage is exterior to the home.

I would have never guessed the installer, how do they even go after an installer at this point?


In most states there is a record of who set each home. There is a state inspection process and sort of like the way a building permit works, you can track things back to who performed the work. 

That said- not all homes are set up with 'permits'. Also, the set up rules have changed over the years so you would need to go back to the standards used when the home was originally set to see if there was something that was done wrong. 

A bad set can do damage to the inside or the outside of the home, but again, there are other factors. After a home is set the new homeowner must follow rules as well. If something was added to the home and was not to the manufacturers standards or not added correctly, or the grounds were not maintained to provide drainage or if something was added to the outside of the home to change how the grounds are sloped or in some way affects the set up, the installer is off the hook. 

Many people think, like with a stick built house that once the home is set your free to do whatever- and that is just not true. If you add a deck or porch wrong, or attach an awning, walkway or re-slope for different landscaping you could void the warranty. Manufactured housing is very particular to the set up and maintenance of the set up. The homes will shift most of the time, and if you do not really stay on top of keeping that set up perfect, it can really shift for the worse. 

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