Mobile Home Park financing and general Education

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Hello all, I am currently working to break into the world of Mobile Home park (MHP) investing. I had a walk through on a partial park last week that is currently producing an NOI on 11 units of over $70k a year. The owner owns all the trailers and the lots free and clear so the NOI is a bit inflated. The Park is $450K and comes with 11 leased units and 4 other lots that can be added onto. In addition for another 50K they are offering 6 more acres of land that can be cleared for more homes as well as another 20 acres and an island home on the Marsh for a still undisclosed amount. All homes are on city utilities and are all paid for by tenants. I'm not sure how to go about finding a loan for this property or where to find an analyzer for a MHP. Also where does one go for insurance on something like this? Any sources of education that would be recommended or help would be greatly appreciated.