Rv Parks in Colorado

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I found this site while looking up information on RV Park cost to develop in Colorado.  I came across a thread about water treatment plants and a gentleman by the name of Jim Johnson  caught my eye.  He mentioned having an RV park. So Jim Johnson if you are reading this site still, will you please contact me. Im actually headed to Colorado next week in search of land to purchase for an Rv/Tiny cabin park. I need more info on cost to present to a potential lender. 

Thanks in Advance,

Bobbie Rasbeary

@Bobbie Rasbeary

Interesting approach to reaching out to someone on here.

I'd love to start an RV Park, especially in Colorado hear it's a lot of work.

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Matt Brown, I was considering purching the land out right. Pay cash for it. Approximately 30 acres. Get an investor to develop 5 acres. Pay that off and after the profit starts flowing continue on with the next 5, and so on. I want to try and do something that is worth leaving my kids after Im gone.  Right now I have nothing but a 5th wheel and a truck to pull it. LOL

I sold my house and property here in Texas and want to move back to Colorado. Im headed up there next week.  I know its short notice, but depending on a lender/investor will depend if I buy 1 acre or 30.