What would you do with a 9k mobile home

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I found a 9k Mobil home, seller is motivated and willing to accept offers. 55+ community. Land not included. FREE and CLEAR.



Does land not included mean it's in a park or is it on land and needs to be moved? On mobiles, the age means a lot, when was it built?

@Account Closed The first thing to do is build a relationship with the park. Talk to the park manager and/or owner. Get to know them. See if you are able to work in the park and do business there. Then you can go out and put deals together in the park once you've received the OK from management. Good luck! 

280 square feet? Many campers you tow behind your pickup are bigger than that. Based on how old it is, I think you should keep looking.

Ok, I looked up the address and located the listing. It looks to be in good shape. It would be important to find out what the lot rent is as some parks are very expensive and others not so much. It's a 55+ community so your market for rentals is limited. The property is already appearing to be in good condition for its age so I don't see any value add opportunities.

Call the park, find out the rent and what restrictions they may have regarding renting. Also, if you haven't, you would want to visit the park and view the property. This unit hasn't been roofed over so water leaks are always an issue on these older models. It's already furnished so may be a cool vacation hideaway (if you're over 55)

You need a bunch more information to evaluate that, including what the surrounding homes sell for, how much work it needs, what the lot rent is -- that type of data.