First mobile home flip

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Hello BP community! We are just getting started with our first mobile home flip and we bought the home for around $5k from a local park. The park is doing improvements to get the home to code, fixing the skirting, etc. but we are considering putting more into it to make it more appealing. The community is a mix of older and newer homes, with ours being from the 90's.

What advice do you have regarding putting more money into the home's interior versus just selling after the park makes the minimum repairs? Is it worth it to invest a little more into the interior to update it? Thanks!

@Ryan Gandy It would depend on the end buyer and what they're willing to pay for it. If this is a retail sale, most people would rather have the home all ready to go then have to do some fix-up work themselves. People who are willing to do fix-up work may be a bit picky and could try to lower the price when it comes time to negotiation. Just my experience. Hope that helps!