Seller Financing a Mobile Home

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All of the threads I've seen about seller financing mobile homes are from several years ago. Can anyone give me some insight into the process? I've read Deals on Wheels and understand the need to be cautious with Dodd Frank. But, I also know it can be done. Are there any good resources (besides a $5,000 mentorship course) out there? I'm rehabbing a mobile home and want to go this route to sell it.

Hi Leslie 😁, my name's is Leslie as well and I was wondering if you knew how I could take out a loan against the trailer I own here in Kansas City!!? It is paid off but I haven't sent in for the title with my name on the front of it yet but I do have the title where I signed the back I have the bill of sale and I have the power of attorney and several other notarized papers showing ownership!