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Is Portland, OR a good place for Real Estate Investing

Posted May 12 2022, 08:30

Hello All - I am a new user. In fact, I've become a member of BiggerPocket a sec ago. However, I've been watching/following BiggerPocket videos on YouTube for quite some time. Thank you for the super informative videos you guys are making! 

I live in Portland, OR, and would like to invest in Real Estate, but I am a little skeptical and need some advice from you. Is Portland a good place for long-term investing (buy and hold strategy)? How about rental properties (cash flow providers) in Portland, is it good too? I know the Midwest in general is a great place for rental properties. If Portland, OR is NOT a good place for investing, what states are good for buy and hold investing and what states are good for rentals? Thank you!

Portland, Oregon

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