Text messages for unsolicited offers to buy house -- REMOVE ME!

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I keep getting text messages to "Cynthia" regarding selling 7142 W Colter St.  Does anyone know what database or service is being used to send these?  It must be a fairly commonly used one, as I get several messages per month like the one below:

Hi Cynthia, This is Miguel, I buy houses. Have you thought about sellin' 7142 W Colter St? I would like to buy around that area.

I would love to get my cell phone number removed from the feed.

@Mark Nugent I don't know but I'm dying to find out! I get so many unsolicited texts from buying my property, to voting, donations, etc. I don't even get excited about texts anymore... I hope it's OK with you to follow this post and see what others have to say. 

Some database somewhere has that address and your phone on it and it got sold.

Same way Facebook happens to pop up all these suggested "friends" that you barely even know exist.  I'm almost certain they have some kind of bot-ware that goes thru my Outlook address book.

I did some research and my best guess is the automated messages are being sent to phone numbers based on data from data broker websites.  Here's a list of them: 


There are paid services like joindeleteme that will remove your personal information from as many data brokers as they can.

Another thing you can do when you receive one of these texts is immediately report them as spam to your cellular carrier.  For Verizon you forward the message to 7726.

Why not try and get on their buyer's list instead? 

It's funny...

One one side...everyone says to solicit for motivated sellers to find off market properties. 

Then on the other...we complain when we receive such solicitation ourselves..


@Mark Nugent

I sometimes get texts like these on properties I do not even own anymore (sold 6-24mths prior) . I often reply with something like “thanks for reaching out but we are currently only working with more sophisticated investors and buyers”.

Frankly my reply is a bit insulting and for some reason they never reply back or even inquire as to why I think they are unsophisticated (I suspect they have recently likely been duped into purchasing some old data list from some other party).

Sometimes they actually call and I mostly politely declined in the past but they just kept calling and calling so then I just started going on and on about how I need to sell this property at above market price and make a lot of money from them. I ask them if they can overpay and are they the person I can make a lot of money on (since they are essentially feeling me out to see if I am a desperate seller). I get a little overexcited about how much I want them to overpay and about how excited I am about making out on the deal. Eventually they get annoyed and politely end the call and the same individuals never seem to call back anymore. I’m sure some other newbie will buy the old outdated lists in the future .

I forward these to 7726.

"thanks for reaching out but we are currently only working with more sophisticated investors and buyers"
...is a classic!  Thx! LOL

To those who may not realize it, it's just another form of wholesaling. It's no different than buying a list, but it's automated. There are many services they use and it's simply a marketing approach for wholesalers to drop a bug to anyone who would sell a property. There is no shortage of companies you can pay to send out mass mailings, texts or recordings. From one, I get the same letter every month asking about my primary. It would help their case if they didn't have the wrong picture of my house on it. 

I get 15 a day because of my properties owned and I block them all and then they do it from a different number. Now, I like to play games with them and see if they respond. It's more fun. Then I screenshot the whole thing and share it on social, with their phone number and business. I am also on the DNC list so obviously, that is useless. They all sly dial and then say, hey, I just called you. It's embarrassing.