How to find wholesalers & off-market properties in Virginia?

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Hi guys.

Where do I find wholesalers for properties in Virginia? 

I tried contacting some people on here who were listed as wholesalers (when I was looking into another state then I later reconsidered), but they responded that they are not actually wholesalers (some were agents, some buyers like me etc.).

I am looking to build a portfolio of rental properties.  I am new to real estate and it seems that in the active seller market like we are now practically in every city, it's hard to find some deals, when listed properties gat 10+ bids and sell often above asking price. It seems it's easier for people to just list properties and sell it for higher price.

So, how do iI find properties that are not fixers, that are livable, maybe just can benefit from slight cosmetic input? I have a full time business and don't have time to deal with probates and divorce lawyers , direct mail (basically I don't think that looking for direct deals is for me).

I contacted real estate agents but none seem to believe that there are any under value deals right now.

Where do I find people to partner with in a coastal Virginia region?

Thank you for suggestions.