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I want to get started in real estate but im 16.

Posted Jan 15 2022, 14:24

I am 16 from Philadelphia PA. I love real estate, I love learning or watching youtube/tv show about real estate. I know I can't sell a house or actually become a realtor due to my age. I want to know what I can do to get started or even get a head start in real estate. Should I reach out to a local realtor near me and ask for mentorship and for him or her to take me under their wing to gain knowledge and i'll do something in return. I am 16 and I know what I want for my future, I think that sets me apart from other kids my age especially since everyone my age wants to smoke,drink, and have "fun". I want to do the complete opposite I want to be successful. I just don't know how and that runs through my brain every day wondering what I can do to get a head start and set me up for a good successful future. 

Please respond, anything will help. 

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