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Finding Private Lenders/Investors/Partners

Posted Jan 18 2022, 19:41

Hi everyone,

I am currently new to real estate investing, and like many of you, have learned a bulk of what I know through BiggerPockets. Listening to the podcast, reading the forums, and doing my own research have motivated me to search for multifamily properties in my home state of New Hampshire.

This has led me to come across many properties where I have analyzed the numbers and done my due diligence. After analyzing the many properties, I have found a few good deals that would be a good multifamily investment. However, I am currently at a roadblock. Being a 22 year old with no significant income, I am having a hard time finding private lenders/investors/partners to assist me in the purchase of any one of these properties.

From what I have gathered, the community here at BiggerPockets is one of the most understanding and well-informed investors in the country. Could anyone provide me with any tips or advice on how I should go about allocating funds for the purchase of the aforementioned properties? 

Thanks everyone,


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