Advise needed on inherited property in Mancelona, Michigan

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Hey Guys, 

Well my grandparents are getting up there in age and have started deciding on what to do with their belongings when the time comes for them to pass. They currently have 2 vacant lots in a nice little resort tip setting in Northern Michigan called Lakes of the North located in Mancelona, Mi. that they want me to take control of. It's a beautiful Community with a golf course, pool, air strip, riding stables, camp ground and much more. It would be an amazing spot for a little get-away home or cottage. Lots range from $1100-$7000/lot (depending on the location), from looking at the available lots on the market I would assume that these specific lot's would go for about $3000each but the taxes and membership fees are $810/year. There are ALOT of available vacant lots on the market so I foresee getting stuck in a money pit on this before I can sell them, that's even if I would sell them before my Grandparents pass because they bought this property with a lifelong dream of retiring up there and want to keep the lots "in the family" so i feel it would be insulting and a smack in the face to them if I just turned around and sold them.

I guess what I'm trying to get at here is maybe some brain storming on some possible routes that I could take so as to keep them in the family for the time being while not losing my own money on taxes or membership fees....Please, any help or suggestions would be great.

Sounds like a tough situation if you are not able to sell the lots.  If you have access to all of the amenities of the property you should set up camp on them for a week or two and invite the entire family up.  At least you will be using the services you are paying for in the membership fees.