Yes or No

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It depends on the numbers of the deal itself. The numbers tell you yes or no. Investing is always about the numbers.  If the numbers makes sense, yes. If not, no.

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For some of my commercial clients they buy in no-income tax states such as Texas.

Taxes are higher their than say where I am at in Georgia. In GA certain counties and cities have higher or lower property taxes. It is a consideration but only one of many factors to analyze.

In Texas for instance you can buy a commercial NNN property or a multi-tenant strip center and the tenants pay the property taxes.

Single NNN the tenants pays. Multi-tenant they still pay through re-imbursements above their per sq ft rate.

So it depends on what type of real estate asset you are buying  and what state, county, city.   

@Tedroy Johnson   In the past year in Connecticut we have rehabbed 3 single family homes and resold them, as well as rehabbed 2 multi family homes and refinanced them on the back end.  We bought all with the aid of hard money along with our own cash.

I don't know what you would consider a wholesale price but the multis we buy between 50 and 60% of the after repair appraised value.  The appraised value is important because we refi on the back end for these.