Making offer on no-show properties

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Hi BP'ers - What are your thoughts regarding making offers on no-show, out of state properties?  The seller says the property is no-show because they have a tenant in place.  If accepted, my current offer would yield a cap rate of at least 6%.   My initial plan is to ask my agent to increase the "Seller's Additional Costs and Limit of Liability" clause to $1,500, as insurance against any unpleasant surprises upon inspection.  

Please let me know your thoughts on what you think my best course of action should be.



Originally posted by @David G:

My offer would be contingent on an interior inspection prior to closing escrow. Unless, my offer was so low that I could assume everything inside was trashed. 

 Thanks for the prompt response.  I am newbie in RE investing.  So I am very much in the learning phase.  My offer is indeed continent on an interior inspection.

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