Oklahoma Foreclosures,R.E.O'S, pre foreclosures

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Please help me understand. Why with 1 in 800 homes being in foreclosure an reo or pre foreclosure  ( The highest being 1 in 425 and the lowest being 1 in 29000) Sourced buy realtytrac.  Why there isn't a lot more active cash buyers looking to expand their portfolios in Oklahoma? Statistics suggest that Oklahoma is one of the less volatile markets and cash flowing properties are abundant. With better then avg R.O.I. Granted with less volatility there is less appreciation however on the flip side less RISK Per property. However dollar for dollar The Oklahoma metro areas are a great value.

so many reasons it is hard to condense it into a post.  

-dont know oklahoma

-want the get appreciation, which as you said we do not get alot here

-many of the pre foreclosures never get to foreclosure or even sell.

i am sure other folks will chime in with more reasons.  there are alot of cash buyers though,  I close at lease 2 a month and have been for the past several years now.  There are buyers there if the deal is right but it all comes to price and condition.  

These of course are just my opinions based on my experiences here in okc.