Are listings on bank websites genuine?

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I was looking at inventory on bank's websites of properties they have for sale.

I am confused as to why their listings are not on the MLS?

When you click on a property it provides information of an asset management company to call. Unfortunately it's now Friday night so I can't reach them until Monday morning. 

There is an amazing property listed for $290,000 which I would buy straight away. I drove past it and it's a huge property in immaculate condition.

It's on the Chase website, yet property records list the owner as Citibank.

I'm confused as to why these properties aren't listed on the MLS ad if they are actually for sale or if it's a website no one bothered to update for 2 years.

Does anyone know the answers?

Originally posted by @Joel Owens :

Chase could be the servicer for the loan and the asset. If that's the case they would be handling disposition likely for Citibank as their client.

 Thank you for clarifying that Joel.

Now I just hope the listings are current and up to date. 

Do you know why they're not on the MLS but listed for sale on Chase website?