Trying to Wholesale in Orange County Ca / Other investors are stealing my contacts...

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Hello All,

Here is the deal. I'm still new to this and learning along the way. I have been wanted to get in the game for some time now. It's been a few months and I have networked with some good connections here is my problem I can find the deals but when I wholesale to other investors the problem is my investors start to steal my contacts and go right around me. How can I protect myself?

Any input would be great!!

Thank you.


If you have a contract with the seller there is no way for them to go around you. 

Either way I'd recommend finding some new investors to work with. If they don't appreciate the hard work you've put in to lock up a deal there are lots of other out there who will. 

@Rich Bravo

This is a tale as old as time. I started my career by wholesaling and stuff like this is bound to happen, almost like growing pains. There are of course ways to protect yourself and your sources such as non-circumvents, non-disclosure agreements, double closing transactions (as mentioned by @David Hunt above), etc. In the end, you'll find that working with a select group of quality, trustworthy investors is the best route rather than mass-blasting a distribution list of random money. Find the buyers that are interested in closing deals with you because they recognize your value and the service you can provide them! Well said @Matthew Nixon

Good luck in your endeavors! @Rich Bravo