I hear people say you can shop for title companies, Are they really that drastically different in pricing?

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Hey Rod, I usually just stick with the same title company; know they'll perform, trustworthy, integrity, thorough and fair pricing. If you find one with the aforementioned, I would suggest sticking with them and building a relationship with them, that to me is more important in the long run than saving a few bucks. Hope that helps

Ask your Realtor, they probably have a title company that they know and work well with. There are price differences, but for the most part they are within $100 of each one another and most are very competitive. I will say you do want to find one that can do a hold open policy on your title work if you ever intend on flipping houses. For a small extra fee this will allow you to only have to pay for title work one time and is well worth it.

I agree with Carl- your title company is a critical part of your team.  Repeat and continued business with one firm can make a big difference in the PITA factor that come with these transactions.  They can also pull rabbits out of hats when need be.

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I would be more concerned about competency than any price difference. 

 Agreed...So if you can get BOTH why not? I have a title company i have been using for over 10 years. Its run by an individual who has been in the title business since the 70's. about 25 years ago she bought an old victorian which she converted into her company. Her fees are the lowest around, BUT the fact I can call her regarding any title questions at any hour or day makes her amazing. She truly goes above and beyond anybody in the business in my opinion....So again, if you can get BOTH why not?

      Will your title agent run pre-title work on a property you are considering purchasing? Will they charge you a fee for doing this if you don't end up purchasing the property? Do you have a title agent you can ask this question of? 

      A title agent is an important part of your team. They should be able to solve problems to expedite closings whether you are selling or buying. They should be able to identify major problems with title to properties which will save you from investing much time on them or assist you in demanding the appropriate discount if you plan to make an offer anyway. They can establish escrow accounts when needed. You should have absolute trust that they will administer those accounts under the rules that you establish. You can get discounts for closing services if you bring a lot of business but the most important thing to do is to develop a strong relationship of trust.