Should I buy now or wait?

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Hey BP members.

I am 21 years old from Israel. I started learning RE couple weeks ago and im loving every bit of it. 

In Israel for the last 7 years there is harsh RE bubble... looking back 7 years ago the prices doubled. for example my apartment went from $100k to $220k. everyone says its a bubble and its going to explode soon but nothing happens (|that was 3 years ago). in this reality its not possible to start investing in RE here. 

my qustion: should i wait for the bubble to burst and then buy(no clue when it will happen) OR should i go all in and buy now?

@Netanel Malihi

Hey Netanel, I feel you.

In some way,@Ericka Parrott is right, as you should not buy in the sole purpose of considering appreciation. I would also add that at this times the interest rate are in an all time low, which is an advantage.

There are great returns in Israel outside of main cities, such as beer she a, Kara Saba, rehovot, and people are still buying. I would suggest looking into low cost places in student cities in the south or invest abroad. 

We are both experiencing the same issue..

Good luck