Looking for an Real Estate Agent that works in the NWI areas

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Im new to real estate and have been reading alot of books and attending investor meetings. I just started putting up bandit signs and talking to leads. I'm getting motivated sellers but I'm having trouble with finding Reliable comps. So i plan on teaming up with an Agent to help me with comps. If your interested in helping out I would Much appreciate it and also help out with getting you leads. 

@Jamael Reed Have you done a deal yet? Have any under contract? What areas are you looking to start doing? Are you wholesaling, rehabbing, renting? We are in the NWI area also and would like to help and see if we could do business together. 

@David Richter Unfortunately no, I haven't done a deal yet. I have one lined up to get under contract some time this weekend. I want to start out by wholesaling and lease option. 

Thanks for reaching out.. I could use any help and hopefully we can do business together.