Changes In Selling Investment Properties

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I was talking with a Real Estate agent friend of mine. He said after the 3RD of October, the government wil be more involved with the buying and selling of houses. That the typical closing time will more than double. He said this may put investors out of business.

I just made the move from a full time contractor to a full time investor. As of yet I have not found a deal to start with. So this statement really has me worried.

Can anyone help me understand this.


There are some changes that will be happening in the market but they will not drastically affect investors or anyone wanting to buy property.  I believe that many of the changes will actually be good because they will make the information that buyers and sellers have regarding a property in a more understandable format.

Check out this article and it will let you what's changing.

Don't be scared, get out there and make things happen.  

Thank You Aaron and Bill,

I was not able to read the article you mentioned, I am not a member of Iman.

However I do feel better knowing that investors will be fine. I am not one who easily quits. I just know there is always a way around things when you can not go through them.

Thank you so much for your response.

I am still excited to get my first deal!