Driving for dollars question

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Hello, Bigger Pockets team, my name is Tim Wilkson, a beginning investor in Woodinvillw, WA. I just got through listening to one of the podcasts describing, Driving for dollars. My question is this, after I drive around a collect addresses, what is the most effective way to make contact with the owner? I recently tried going to the city hall in which I had found a vacant property, and asked if they could assist in getting the owners address or phone number. They basically told me to take a hike,siting privacy laws. So how do you effectively make contact? Appreciate your help.


Tim Wilkson

The answer depends on your location.  Where I am, we can search tax records online and see owner information including mailing address.  It's not 100% accurate, but close enough.  

Try search for 'property tax information' for the target City and/or County.