Hi Everybody!

I´m new here, and I will appreciate so much your advice about this:

When do you know it is good to buy a property?

I´m considering to buy with a loan from the bank, a brand new house.

The plan is to pay a down-payment and the house be payed with the rental monthly income, in a 30 year span.

As time passes, I plan to amortize to capital in order to end quickly.

Do you think that´s a good idea? Or I just have to see it as a retirement fund (actually, I´m 34 y.o.) and don´t think about investing capital in the property through the time and let it to be payed with the rental itself?

I think about putting the money in the house and not in the bank, since the interest rate that bank pays here are around 5%, and the return in renting is around the same, sometimes 6-7%.