Closing on Monday- Who should I write the certified funds checkto

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I'm closing on Monday and I need to know who should I write the certified funds check to. My attorney and realtor are not picking up the phone. This is a fannie Mae property.

You need to talk to escrow company or whoever you are using as theclosing party. They will most likely be OK with a wire transfer, especially if the amount is larger than 10000. Actually, most companies prefer a wire transfer though the contracts say otherwise because the money is available right away and there is a paper trial. Don't panic, just ask for the wiring information Monday morning after the closing statement is finalized and request the wire before 4 pm eastern, the money will be sent the same day (check with your bank by phone to make sure that is their policy.). It will cost you 15-30 dollars but it is well worth it.

Account Closed Funds or certified check will be made out to Closing/Title Company. Typically, if you are bringing more than 25k to closing you will have to wire funds unless otherwise agreed to by closing company. I would check your title work and this should provide the necessary info needed to fund the closing. Cheers!