Small Loans,Promissory Notes ,Usury

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I notice a lot of posts from people who need small loans(under $50k) for rehab projects that will usually be paid off in less than a year. Other then a second mortgage as security what can you use to be able to make 20-25% return without running foul of usury laws .In Nevada there are no usury laws per say ,but California seems to cap many loans at 10% .I know you can do a JV deal without problems but how would you secure your loan to the property in question without any illegal tactics ?


May I suggest you please seek the advice of a RE Attorney?  Nevada is a very regulation heavy state to lend in and its a slippery slope best navigated with competent legal counsel familiar with the MLD division rules and regulations, among others.  I can refer you to a great RE Attorney if you need one.


thanks if you want to pm me. You can make unlimited interest on autos but to do a small business to business loan on real estate it's a quagmire