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Hello BiggerPockets, My name is Marcus. I really need your Expertise on seller Financing. As a wholesaler, i sent an owner a letter stating i wanted to buy a property she owned. After speaking with her, i found out she owned 8 more properties. The properties have been vacant for a few years ( yes all vacant no income ) all properties are free and clear and need some repairs. Note, the properties are great. She has agreed to seller finance all properties to me, but some i have to pay a down payment and others zero down. Question, what is the best way to go about contracting these properties. Note, seller likes the fact that i created an income for her. My plan is to do zero down on most of the properties. She want 5% interest on all properties. I have a great credit score of 710. I really do not want to use hardmoney. but if its best i would. So again my plan is to do zero down, make repairs, then refinance as soon as i finish remodeling. pull about 65% out on cash out refinance to pay her off and get my rehab money back to go to the next property and do the same thing until i have rehabbed each property and refinanced to pay her off. I really need to get my income up so that it reflects a good debt to income ratio. Please help me with this Dilemma. 


Dallas Texas

Hello @Marcus Ford ,

Looks like you have a great deal. You ask what is the best way to contract these properties? Well I would suggest you contract these to purchase at below 65% ARV and have seller willing to take a 2nd at 10% purchase price at 5% interest. Then shop the deal to flippers.

Good luck!