I have $150,000 to invest in real estate business in Laurel,MD

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I am really new to real estate business and i am willing to learn how this work, I have $150,000 to start my real estate business with. please what should i do and how best is it for me to invest this money. Thank you

Welome to BP @Olanrewaju Bakare .  Im pretty close to you, I am in Rockville MD.  I know Laurel really well. I use to own a condo right on Maint St in Laurel.

Well the answer to your question depends quite a bit on what your goals are.  Are you considering flipping...which is a much more active way to make money. You can make a money quickly that way. Or are you looking more at passive income (which really isnt all that passive) such as being a buy and hold investor/landlord.  Even that arena depends on if you are investing for cash flow, or appreciation, or maybe a bit of both.  So really the best way to allocate your money depends on what your goals are both short term and long term.  

If you want to discuss in person, you can feel free to reach out to me. I am a Realtor and investor myself.  I have 7 properties (9 units, one property is multifamily), and I dabble in the occasional flip as well.

Thank you Russell, that's thoughtful of you. I am going to give you a call soon to discuss the best way for us to meet. I am willing to invest my money wisely in order to make something meaningful out of it. Expect my call soon and i am also open to more advise. Thank you