Real Estate Agents in Baraboo, Wisconsin Dells, Reedsburg area?

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Hi All,

I'm looking for real estate agents in south central WI, namely Baraboo, Wisconsin Dells, Reedsburg area, that understand investment properties, buy and hold strategies, cash flow, etc. I'm mostly concerned with small 4 units or less (no commercial stuff at the moment)  Any recommendations?

Thank you

Thanks for the quick replay Jenkins. I was actually just looking to purchase 2 to 4 units to use as rentals. That's a good point about seasonal income in Wisconsin Dells. I wonder if people in BP have did that with success. Maybe using Airbnb?

@Hussain Harun

Airbnb might be a possibility.

We typically visit Dells maybe three to four times a year.

Staff / students typically like to stay within 5 blocks of attractions.

-> Local casino area might be a decent area to invest.

Everyday individuals most likely will be expecting amenities or heck of 

discount for non swim pool housing.

Here the current mls/wirex food for thoughts since today the holiday.


There are currently 22 Duplex properties available.

Price ranging from $59,000 to $339,***

investor price range would stop around $139,000

( Now we are down to about 7 available duplex properties )

Keep in mind Dells do have some expensive property insurance rates 

due to the flood about 5 years ago. ( estimate )

MLS/Wirex Sold properties in the last 12 months :


1 – triplex

2 – four family buildings

2 – five family building

19 – duplexes ( $63,000 through $221,000 )

It seems bargain three and four units properties last less than 31 days

on the market.

Hi Hussain, I grew up in the Baraboo area and noticed you bought some real estate there. Was curious what brought you to that market and what your thoughts are about owning rental property there?


Hi Gerrit,

Baraboo isn't bad. I like it as a better rental market than Madison. The rents in generally are lower than Madison but the purchase price to rent ratios, however, are better here than Madison which make it so there are more investor friendly deals. 

I only have about year of experience owning property in the Baraboo area but overall it's not bad. No odd city rules or anything. I can find lots of handyman up here but limited amount of licensed trade specific contractors. 

Are you thinking of investing in the Baraboo area?


I recently bought a single family home in Baraboo that I am rehabbing. I am living in it as a flip it, should be all finished by the end of January/ early February.

There seem to be a lot of deals here that make sense, I think this could be a very good market. My cousin is a realtor here so he is always sending me great information about everything going on here too.

Are you looking to invest more here?