Looking for a mentor in the Atlanta Area!

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Hello, I've been on BP for a while off and on and I am really interested in jumping into the real estate business but I would really like if I could have a wonderful mentor to teach me the ropes. I know right now Atlanta is one of the hottest city right now for real estate and I would love to be apart of it. So if your looking or know someone who is looking for a hardworking intern then please respond, thank you and have a wonderful day. 

Hi @Jacqueline Feliciano - Welcome to BiggerPockets - it's great to see more folks deciding to get into REI!

If you are interested in finding Mentors, I recently wrote "The Ultimate Guide to Finding Incredible Mentors"- check it out!

Let me know if you need any help finding other resources to help you get started!

Hi @Jacqueline Feliciano and welcome (back) to Bigger Pockets. What area of real estate investing are you looking to get into? Buy & Hold? Fix & Flip? Wholesaling? Commercial Properties? Multi-family investing? I think once you know that, that will help you to determine who you want to shadow and/or work with.