The Best and Worst Markets Property Taxes

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This is often an overlooked consideration especially when buying the turn keys in the Midwest. How does your area compare?

Here in Texas having a MUD can increase your tax burden quite a bit. I have a current listing in a MUD and the tax on that property is 3.5047.

@Amber Church

On MLS there will be a note if the property is in a MUD. They don't break out the MUD taxes, though. MLS will list the amount of all the taxes for the property.

One thing that confuses people is that frequently Harris County doesn't collect taxes for MUDs or suburban school districts. Those jurisdictions collect their own taxes. If you go to Harris County tax office and looked up my listing, it would say the taxes are $1100 a year. But it doesn't include the MUD tax or the Cy-Fair ISD tax. When you add those in, the total taxes on the property are $4300.