How to get house with stickers

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Found a house in a neighborhood that we currently are flipping a house.  It is the typical house with the stickers from the city on the windows showing its vacant and looks foreclosed.  Through property records at the city I found that the present owner is a real estate company 3 states away.  No phone numbers are listed.  I did some research on the company and found its address is a large apartment/condo complex.  So I assume its probably someone's home base business.  Any suggestions on how to get in front of the line on this house?  If we wait till the sign is put up in the yard it may be too late.  Or is that our only option?  Thanks!!!

Yeah, you'll have to be a little more vague about the stickers. They are likely stickers from the bank's preservation co., meaning it's in the foreclosure process.  Public records is your next step, and contact the owner.