Does private lending after Chapter 7 bankruptcy exist?

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Is it possible to find a financial partner or personal lender to purchase NOO SFR's and multi-units in Upstate NY. My background is very strong in rehabbing homes (approx 1,000 since 1987) managing real estate (10 years) and finding deals. If your wondering, my bankruptcy wasn't due to poor judgement or the like; I had under $2,000 in c/c debt and my credit score was 749 when I filed.

Jeremy, how did you go about finding that person(s).  I know a lot of people that have deep  pockets, but they are not people that I want to  be doing business with. In addition, with my recent Chapter 7, I'm sure people will tend to be gun shy.  I know once I do my first deal with them everything will fall in place! I do exceptional work and have great work ethics.