if anyone had read my post about making 33% profit after living rent free for 2 1/2 yrs I have a twist. At the time of writing the post I was a couple weeks out from closing. I still have not closed and the deal is on hold.Let me tell you why...

So the appraiser came back with a few minor things to be fixed like cracked siding and painting to be done. Keep in mind this is in November in northern New York near Lake Ontario. All the issues were so minor to the point that I wanted to ask the appraiser if they would like me to sweep the unfinished basement floor as well, haha.

So I had everything done for a couple hundred dollars and the very next day (Saturday after Thanksgiving) and older gentlemen who owns a triplex behind me backs through his fence, into my yard, hits my garage and goes through my fence into my other neighbors yard.

Well my insurance company (American Modern Insurance Group) had terrible communication. I could not get a hold of my insurance adjuster or his boss to get a report and have the check sent to my new Georgia address as I was left the Thursday after this happened. This went on for a few weeks as I started my new position in Atlanta learning a new area living out of a hotel with my wife and 2 month old son. I had stressed the urgency of needing an answer, yet received no returned calls or e-mails. Finally almost a month later I had the insurance issue settled.

Now to find a contractor to fix the garage...I called around a few I knew had good reputations. Most couldn't meet a quick deadline. I ended up going with a referral from one contractor, and he said he could have it done within a week under price...Perfect right? A week had gone by and he had truck issues...then he came down with bronchitis...then the weather was affecting it. My realtor was able to suggest someone else who will hopefully fix it this next week. 

Also in this time period there was a murder on the block before mine which is very uncommon as this street doesn't see much crime...I just hope the buyers don't back out.

Because I'm sure some will ask...I am not able to put the insurance money in an escrow account for them to have the repairs done. I was hoping I could to get everything closed quickly.