Getting Buyers Off the Fence? Why are people afraid to invest?

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I want to help my friends and family build long term wealth through cash-flowing real estate but it has been hard to get most of them off the fence.  Sometimes it has been difficult to get them to even consider owning rentals as a good investment at all. 

Personally I have more than 20 SFR buy and hold rentals and really believe in this investment. I have opened my books up to them so they can see the real numbers, showed them comparison charts against other investments, recently I even started purchasing them books that inspired me to invest. A lot of my friends have even invested in my fix and flips but they are afraid to buy rentals.

What have you done to either get buyers to buy their first investment property or convince your friends to start investing? 

Sometimes the best thing is allowing for enough time to pass while they watch what you do.  They are either going to pull the trigger or be a spectator forever and there is nothing you can do about it. 

Good luck