Is this ARM loan a good deal or should I stick with my fixed loan

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I currently have a 30 yr fixed at 3.75%. I want to refinance my current 4-plex to purchase another building. The loan I'm being offered now is 3.875% Term:5yr fix due in 30. The rate cannot increase more than 6% percentage points above the initial interest rate over the term of the loan. On the first change date, the interest rate cannot increase more than 2% percentage points over the loan. 

I'm not planning to sell either building in the short term. I don't have a property in mind to purchase, yet. 

Should I give up my fixed rate for the ARM? How risky is this ARM scenario? I have to make a decision in the next couple weeks or I have to start the process over. Thanks!

Do not give up a fixed rate loan, rates are currently at historical lows.  Mortgage rates closely follow the 10 year treasury note.  When the T-note rate goes up, so do mortgage rates.  Right now rates are at a an all time low.  Here is a chart that shows the historical rate on a 10 year T-Note

Even if you pay a higher rate right now it is worth it.