Looking for an Orange County, CA realtor/investor

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Greetings!  My partner and I are hoping to move to Orange County this year.  Obviously, home prices are sky-high, but I do know that there are cheaper areas in the northern part of the country.  Can anyone recommend an area where we may be able to find a reasonable priced duplex?  Perhaps in Santa Ana or Anaheim?

Also, I'd love to connect with a OC realtor!


Hi Johnathan - I am a realtor and investor in Orange County.  I live in Dana Point and my office is in Costa Mesa.  Lately I have been doing a lot of multifamily investing, mainly up in Long Beach.  But there are a few pockets in Santa Ana with reasonably priced duplexes.  Feel free to message me if you want any more info

@Johnathan Alesso Welcome to BP. There is a local meetup in Lake forest every month that you should check out. http://meetu.ps/2QWCkh
If you would like to meet up before then and talk about investing let me know. I am in Mission Viejo and can meet at a Starbucks.
I am currently flipping homes in Orange County and just purchased a home at the court house steps.