Seller Offering One Year Home Warranty

5 Replies

Seller offering a one year home warranty as part of the sale.

1) Is this a good thing? Is it really because they are oh-so-generous and confident or is it because they know something I don't and believe something is on the verge of breaking down?

2) Does that create any leverage for the seller when negotiating purchase price?

I personally think home warranties are somewhat useless but it gives homebuyers a great sense of "safety" If they are offering it I typically would make an offer stating home warranty not required.  I would rather have a reduction in price rather than a home warranty. 

Don't read too much into it. No reason not to accept it if the seller is going to pay for it. A home warranty is better than no home warranty. It also shouldn't really affect the purchase price or give the seller an advantage in negotiations because a home warranty is only about $400 (give or take) on average, so it's not like they can include one and ask thousands more because of it.